Afghan Biographies

Faizi, Asma

Name Faizi, Asma
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghan Women's Organization AWO President and Members
History and Biodata

Board of Directors Afghan Women's Organisation AWO:
Asma Faizi President
Mary Gharwal Vice President
Shakila Ahmadi Treasurer
Karima Sharifi Secretary
Mawena Maiwand Board Member
Parween Danayar Board Member
Nazi Amin Board Member
Behishta Jaghori Board Member
Adela Ludin Board Member
Sharifa Ahmadzai Board Member
Abeda Balouch Board Member
Zobaida Noorzad Board Member
Latifa Sarwari Board Member
Hasiba Anna Esmatyar Board Member
Shakila Hassanyar Board Member
Zahira Daoud Board Member

The Afghan Women's Counseling and Integration Community Support Organization, more commonly referred to as the Afghan Women's Organization, AWO, is a Toronto based non-profit organization created to address the unique needs of Afghan women and children in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the rest of Canada, and even as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its mandate includes: • assisting Afghan women in all aspects of integration and adaptation to Canadian life, • encouraging and motivating Afghan women to participate in and contribute to life in Canada, • encouraging and promoting skill-building and development among Afghan women, • developing a community support network for women, • promoting English language development, as well as, • organizing and implementing programs to educate and empower young Afghans to cope with personal, cultural, and social issues. The AWO's effectiveness in implementing and expanding its mandate is not only due to its diligent staff and enthusiastic volunteers, but equally owes its success to those who seek its services.

Although the AWO's focus is primarily helping Afghan women, its doors are open to anyone who seeks help. Overseas Projects The major objective of AWO’s overseas projects is to empower Afghan women through: • the facilitation and implementation of education and awareness programs about human rights in general and women’s rights in particular • the encouragement of women to play a larger role in politics and civil society • the creation of skills development, training programs, and income-generation projects to promote self sufficiency The AWO is also involved in programs specifically addressing the needs of Afghan children in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

AWO operates schools for young girls in both Afghanistan and in Pakistan. In addition to these projects, one of the AWO’s most recent and important projects is the establishment and operation of an orphanage in Kabul. Mirmun Orphanage in Kabul In 2002, the AWO opened an orphanage in Kabul for 25 children between the ages of 3 to 11. The primary focus of the Mirmun orphanage is to create a nurturing environment where children will be given a chance to achieve their full potential. Children in the orphanage have either lost their parents to war or were brought to the orphanage because their parents could not support them. In order to remain connected with and show support to the children, AWO’s Executive Director, along with noted author and poet Parween Pazhwak have established a pen pal service where they frequently send and receive letters from children. The AWO funds this project by holding fundraising events mainly in the Afghan community. Although sustaining this project remains a constant challenge, the AWO is committed to not only keeping the project running, but also to expanding its services.

Child Sponsorship Program The AWO’s Child Sponsorship Program provides schooling and food for orphaned children as well as children of low-income families living in refugee camps in Pakistan. Prior to entry into the program, many of the children were child laborers working under terrible conditions for meager wages. Children must provide proof of school attendance to the sponsor in order to remain in the program.

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