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Deh Yak District Bamiyan Province

Name Deh Yak District Bamiyan Province
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The Taliban claimed, that its fighters detonated a bomb, and soon after a number of militants attacked the district building – destroying government and police headquarters. According to them, the district government compound was completely destroyed in the attack. The group also claimed it had killed a number of Afghan security force members.(20200824)




Deh Yak Dehyak is a rural district in the eastern part of Ghazni Province, 30 km east from the city of Ghazni. The district has an area of 715 km2, containing 66 villages and a population of about 44,386. Ramak serves as the district's headquarters. The main source of income, agriculture, is seriously affected by the drought. People also trade animals. The high rate of unemployment has led to people leaving the district, many have also permanently settled and inter-married across the border in neighboring Pakistan. Health and education need serious improvement. The main road between the city of Ghazni and Gardez is mostly paved, as is the road between Ramak and Slemenze.


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