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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah`s Cabinet Nominees

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President Ashraf Ghani has rejected his power-sharing partner Abdullah Abdullah’s proposed five key cabinet candidates, sources told Ariana News. 

The nominees were including Anwar al-Haq Ahadi nominated for the Ministry of Agriculture – Mustafa Mastour, Ministry of State for Peace – Noor Rahman Akhlaqi, Ministry of Immigration – Fazl Ahmad Manawi, Ministry of Justice and Mohebullah Samim nominated for the Ministry of Tribes are the figures on the red list of the president Ghani.(20200722)

Abdullah introduced 14 cabinet nominees including a woman (as of 20200708):

Massoud Andarabi as minister-designate for the Ministry of Interior, 

Mrs. Faza Ahmad Manawi as minister-designate for the Ministry of Justice, 

Anwar-ul Haq Ahadi for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, 

Noor Rahman Akhlaqi
for the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations,

Mohibullah Samim for the Ministry of Ethnic and Tribal Affairs 

Mustafa Mastoor as minister-designate for the State Ministry in Peace Affairs.

Masooma Khawari for the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, 

Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani for the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, 

Sadat Mansoor Naderi for the Ministry of Economy, 

Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, 

Kanishka Turkistani for the Ministry of Higher Education,

Abas Basir for the Ministry of Transport, 

Najib Aqa Fahim for the Ministry of Martyred and Disableds 

Azizullah Aryanfar for the Directorate of Administrative Reforms.

The list of ministerial cabinet nominees for Abdullah Abdullah’s share, however, has clashed within his party members. Sources close to Abdullah say that the National Movement Party wants three ministries from Abdullah’s share and does not agree with this list. According to sources, the National Movement has nominated Bashir Ahmad Tahianj for the Ministry of Agriculture, Qudratullah Zaki for the Ministry of Transportation and Kanishka Turkestani for the Ministry of Immigration.(20200710)



Article 72 of the Constitution states the criteria for selecting a ministerial candidate as per the following:

1. Having Afghan citizenship

2. Having higher education, work experience, and a good reputation

3. Age over 35 years

4. Not being convicted of crimes and violations against humanity



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