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Fahim, Marshal Mohammad Qasim died 9 Mar 2014

Name Fahim, Marshal Mohammad Qasim died 9 Mar 2014
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1957
Function/Grade Ex Vicepresident
History and Biodata

1. First Vicepresident:
Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim (2009),

2. Previous Functions:
Member of (Khad) the secret police of the communist government,
Joined Mujaheddin under Ahmed Shah Massood in late 80th,
Defense Minister of the Afghan Transitional Administration (2002),
Vice President (till 2004),
Meshranojirga Member (2005-2009),
Adviser to President Karzai (2006),
Vice President (second time) (2009),

3. Biodata:
fahimMohammad Qasim Fahim(also known as "Marshal Fahim"), son of Abdul Matin, born 1957 in Omarz, Panjshir, is a prominent Afghan military commander and politician. He was the Defense Minister of the Afghan Transitional Administration, beginning in 2002 and also served as vice president. Later Fahim was removed as defense minister by President Hamid Karzai on December 23, 2004, as the transitional administration gave way to a popularly-elected administration.

Fahim is a member of Afghanistan's Tajik ethnic group. He is affiliated with Jamiat Islami party of Afghanistan. Fahim is a member of the northern alliance. He was appointed alliance defense minister after the death of Ahmed Shah Massood. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Fahim was a member of (Khad) the secret police of the communist government, then joined the Islamic uprising against the communists in the late 1980s.

Fahim was a second tier commander of Jamiat, Shura-e Nazar party of Ahmed Shah Massoud (killed on September 9, 2001). Human Rights Watch is listing Fahim as a Human Rights Abuser. Mohammed Fahim 2004 was not chosen by Karzai's to be one of his Vice Presidents, subsequently he backed the candidacy of his fellow Tajik, Yunus Qanuni. After Karzai's victory in the presidential elections, he was not reappointed Defense Minister.

However in a decree made in December 2004, Karzai confirmed that Fahim would hold the rank of Marshal, Afghanistan's highest, for life, with all rights and privileges. In 2006, Karzai, faced with a resurgent Taliban, returned Fahim to Government as an advisor.

Fahim has survived an assessination attempt in 2004 during campaigning in Jalalabad (Nangahar Province) and 2009 in Takhar Province. He has become a wealthy man through his private business. Fahim was one of the 34 by the President (Karzai) nominated Members of the Meshrano Jirga (2005-2009). He is not elected. His Mobile Phone No is:009370274954

Marshal Fahim was treated 20100906 in Berlin," Fahim's secretary, Dr. Gulbudin, told Reuters by telephone from Germany. "He has to stay in hospital for another two days. There is nothing to worry about," he added, dismissing rumours that the former warlord was gravely ill or had died. Had undergone a heart operation. Fahim’s medical condition may be bothering him – such as his diabetes and high blood pressure.(20130620)


Afghanistan's powerful vice president, Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, died of natural causes on Sunday, only weeks before the country is due to elect a new leader. He was 57. Fahim, who survived at least two assassination attempts, died from complications caused by diabetes and heart problems, according to officials who declined to be named. He died of a heart attack, which was confirmed by a close friend and political ally, Maulavi Ata ul Rahman Salim.(20140309)
Adib Fahim, son of late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, was appointed the head of public affairs for the presidential palace on 20140323.

He is married and has 12 children. He is fluent in Dari, Pashto and Arabic.

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