Afghan Biographies

Alokozai, Hakim

Name Alokozai, Hakim
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Hakim - herbal doctor
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Abdul Hakim Alokozai was born 1958 in Afghanistan. He jails from Kandahar said that he had been working as sage for more than 25 years. He claims that he has discovered drugs that can treat the patients infected with the Coronavirus within 30 minutes with taking only three drops of the liquid medicine. Alokozai said that his drugs are not posing any harm to the body, as it has been a sage and prophetic medicine with no side affect. He claimed that the Governer of Kandahar, Hayatullah Hayat and Public Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz had also recovered from coronavirus after using his home remedy. After the news of his discovery broke across the country, Alokozai’s clinic caught the authorities’ attention who shut down the clinic because Hakim Alokozai doesn’t have a license.(20200529)

Hundreds of residents of Kabul city have staged demonstrations against the blockage of the Afghan sage—Abdul Hakim Alokozai’s treatment centers (Al-Subhan Clinic), calling on the government to allow him distribute the medicine that can treat covid-19 patients.(20200601)

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in a formal letter has asked the Minister of Interior (MoI) to arrest Hakim Alokozai and bring him to justice. Acting Minister Ahmad Jawad Usmani said on Wednesday (20200610) that the test result of Alokozai-made coronavirus vaccine showed it had been made from different narcotics. The so-called vaccine of Alokozi was not effective in curing coronavirus and it could lead to addiction. He said the science committee, including national and international partners, had called for an end to Alokozai's activities for this reason. He said the MoI had been asked through an official letter to stop activities of Hakim Alokozai and arrest him.(20200611)

Alokozai said those who had used his medicine were satisfied and had not complained of side-effects. The medicine also treated the new coronavirus variant (Omicron), he claimed. The doctor said the security forces of the caretaker government, who used his medicine, had asked their seniors to continue supporting him. He claimed he had met “Islamic Emirate” leaders at the time of making the new medicine and donated it to them well.(20211228)



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