Afghan Biographies


Name Hezb-i-Walayat
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade New Taliban Group (20200529)
History and Biodata

The United Nations has published a fresh report about the US-Taliban agreement, Taliban- Al-Qaeda relations and the Daesh presence in Afghanistan. The report’s publication date is May 29, but it surfaced in the media on June 1. It said conflicting views existed about US-Taliban peace pact of February 29, and there were concerns about the deal’s implementation. A new militant group had been created within the Taliban movement named “Hezb-i-Walayat” against the US-Taliban agreement. It informed some other Taliban fighters were also opposed to the peace pact and differences had cropped up among Taliban leaders on the issue. The report claimed members of Taliban’s political office in Qatar had not shared all details of the agreement with fighters. According to the UN report, Hizb-e-Wilayat-e-Islami has been created outside Afghanistan which encompasses the splinter members of the Taliban who are opposing the peace agreement between the US and the Taliban. The Taliban rejected Tuesday June 2, 2020 an annual United Nations report that questioned the Islamist insurgency’s intent to live up to the terms of a landmark agreement with the United States to help find a political resolution to the nearly 19-year-old war in Afghanistan. A harshly worded Taliban statement berated the U.N. findings as “baseless, intelligence-based and bigoted remarks” against the group.


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