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Bakht, Rahman Sharafat Mullah

Name Bakht, Rahman Sharafat Mullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1975
Function/Grade Afghan Railway Department Director Ministry of Public Works
History and Biodata

1. Afghan Railway Department Director Ministry of Public Works AfRA Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) Head Chairman:
Yama Shams (201302, 20141028, 20150620, 20160419, 20170202, 20180327, 20200130)
Mullah Bakht Rahman Sharafat Bakht-ur-Rahman Sharafat Mullah Bakht ur Rahman Sharafat, Mullah Bakht-ur Rahman Sharaft, the General Director of the Afghan Railway Authority (20220412, 20230716, 20240330)

Department’s deputy head:
Abdul Bari Seddiqi (20171030)
Sayed Mustafa Dawoudi, deputy head of the Afghan National Railway Authority (20201202)

2. Previous Function:
Director Kandahar Zonal Hospital (Mirwais Hospital) (2000)
Head of Public Work Commission
Acting Public Work Minister (2021)
Deputy Public Work Minister
Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) Head Chairman (20220412, 20220709, 20231129, 20240121)

3. Biodata:
Al Haj Mullah Bakht Rahman Sharafat son of Al Haj Zakir Muhammad was born 1975 in the village Ibrahim Khail, Qalat District, Zabul Province. He left Afghanistan 1984 with his familiy and settled in Muslim Bah Refugee Camp, Baluchistan Province, Pakistan. He was awarded BA from Pakistan Government Science College, Quetta, Pakistan.
ARA’s head Mullah Bakht-ur-Rahman Sharaft, in an interview accused Uzbekistan of violating their agreement and suggested that the main point of dispute between the sides is the number of Uzbek personnel to remain in the management of the railway.(20230211)

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