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Ahmadzai, Razaq

Name Ahmadzai, Razaq
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1961
Function/Grade Co leader of the Green Trend party
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Co leader of the Green Trend party (20191223)

3. Biodata:
Razaq Ahmadzai was born 1961 in Afghanistan. He is - according to Fria Tider (Swedish outlet) -  still registered in Sweden under a different name, where he receives welfare benefits and payments. According to a source, the 58-year-old politician is registered in Sweden under a different name and with a different age, as 62-year-old Razag Ahmadzai. Parallel to his luxury life in Kabul, he has a comparatively modest apartment in Gothenburg. At the same time, he allegedly takes care of his mother's finances and has access to her bank account. According to Fria Tider, while her death was announced on Facebook by Ahmadzai's cousin living in the Netherlands in January 2017, who also published images from a memorial ceremony with grieving relatives, the mother still receives a Swedish pension, as her death was never registered in Sweden. According to information from the Census register, she is formally classed as having “emigrated” and is seen as living in Afghanistan. According to Fria Tider, when Razaq Ahmadzai's political ambitions in Afghanistan grew, he sold his house on Arbogagatan Street in Gothenburg and moved permanently to Kabul. Instead, he registered himself and his wife as residing at another address, in Hisingen, Gothenburg, where he still lives, according to the Swedish Tax Agency's register.


At the same time, he started using his Swedish identity to take out bank loans and accumulate debts. According to the Swedish Enforcement Authority's register, he has accumulated hundreds of thousands of kronor in debt, owing money to the Tax Agency, the SEB bank and others. An investigation into his benefit fraud was started by the Gothenburg police, according to Fria Tider. Several authorities have been subsequently notified by the police about their fraud suspicions.


The Green Trend is jointly led by Amrullah Saleh and Razaq Ahmadzai. The Green Trend, however, presents Ahmadzai as an international businessman who, after having achieved great success in Sweden, has now opted to return to Afghanistan for patriotic reasons.

He speaks Pashtu, English and Swedish

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Established 2019-12-23