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Afghan, Rafi Ullah Gul Rafiullah killed Feb 24, 2018

Name Afghan, Rafi Ullah Gul Rafiullah killed Feb 24, 2018
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1973
Function/Grade Senior adviser to Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah
History and Biodata

Rafiullah Afghan
Phone: 0700023990, 0777863281, 0705131377

2. Previous Functions:
Head of a construction company,
Military Officer,
Member of Provincial Council Kabul 2009, elected into Meshrano Jirga 2010.
Second Deputy Speaker Meshrano Jirga 2010
Senior adviser to Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

3. Biodata:
afghan-rafiullahRafiullah Gul Afghan is the son of Abdul Aziz Akhonzada. He was born 1973 in Karez Village, Qara Bagh district of Kabul and lives in the city in District 11. He is a second-year student at the Tabesh Instituteof Higher Education.  He used to be a businessman importing cars and then head of the Omid Billal construction company for four years. He was a member of the Islamic Party during the Soviet occupation, but is not a member of any party now. He used to be a Mujahideen officer. Afghan was resident of Qarabagh district of Kabul and was also a former Jihadi commander. Rafiullah Afghan is a member of the Public Welfare Affairs, Natuaral Resources and Environment (Health, Labor and Works, Sports, Red Crescent and Administrativ Reforms) Committee 2010. Rafiullah Gul Afghan was elected as the second deputy Speaker of the Afghan Senate (20110129).

Afghan visited Qarabagh district to inspect a mosque construction site and was attacked on his way back to the capital city (20110911). Afghan escaped unhurt.

Rafigul Afghan, a senior adviser to Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and a key member of Jamiat-e-Islami Afghanistan (JIA) was shot dead along with his bodyguard in the vicinity of Kabul PD17. He was shot dead last night (Feb 24, 2018) in Kotal-e-Khairkhana neighborhood of Kabul by some unknown armed men. Gul Afghan was formerly working as the country’s senate deputy speaker and was a prominent commander of Jamiat Party (JIA).(20180225)

He is married and has two sons and four daughters.

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