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Abdul Haq Omar Mawlawi (killed)

Name Abdul Haq Omar Mawlawi (killed)
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Police Commander Badakhshan
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Badakhshan:
Sayyed Mohammed Ekramudin,
Brig Gen. Maulana Shah Jahan Noori (2005),
Brig Gen. Ghulam Hayder (2006?),
Brig Gen Imamuddin Mutmain (2006)
Brig Gen Aqa Noor Kintuz Kentoos Agha Aqah Noorqin Noorken Toz (20070000, 20100807),
Brig Gen Abdul Saboor Nasrati Abdul Saboor Nusrati  (20111213, 20121200)
Brig Gen Imamullah Mutmain, Imamullah Mutmaein Imamuddin Mutmaein (20130325, 20131118)
LT Gen Fazluddin Ayar (20140505)
Brig Gen Ghulam Saki Ghafoori (20160207)
Brig Gen Abdul Khaliq Aqsa (20170514, 20180505, 20180512)
Brig Gen Mohammad Sabir (20180512)
Col Sayed Abas Sadat (20181112)
Col Asadullah Mohammadi (20190711)
Mawlawi Abdul Haq Omar, Taliban’s police commander in Badakhshan (20221226 killed by carbomb))


Deputy Police Commander:
Brig Gen Syed Hussain Safawi (20100910; 20110913),
Gen. Mohammad Ishaq Tamkin (20111206)
Sakhidad Hidari Sakhidad Haidari (20120915)
Col Sayed Jahangir Kiramat Sayed Jahangeer Karamat (20130405, 20131113, 20140815)
Col Abdul Qadir Sayyad was wounded when a roadside explosion hit his vehicle when he traveled to Tishkan district to assess security situation there and came under attack on his way back to Faizabad.(20141116 20150211)
Sakhi Dad Haidari (20150717)
Mawlawi Abdul Rashid Rashed (20220403)
Spokesman to the Badakhshan police chief:
Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai (2014111, 20150606)
Sanaullah Rohani (20200927)

Provincial traffic police chief:
Captain Muhammad Ibrahim (20110812 )

Other Police officers in Badakshan:
Counter-narcotics branch chief:

Colonel Musadiqullah, in charge of within the provincial police headquarters (20091109),
Provincial crime branch Chief:
Col. Abdul Hay,  (20110925)

Fazil Ahmad Nazari (20111213)
Crime branch chief Col. Syed Mahruddin Anwari (20171011)

2. Previous Function:

Provincial Police Commander Badakhshan (20221226)

3. Biodata:
Mawlawi Abdul Haq Omar Maulvi Abdul Haq Umar Mawlavi Abdul Haq Abu Omar.

An explosion targeted a vehicle carrying the Taliban police chief for Badakhshan, Abdulhaq Omar, in the city of Faizabad on Monday December 26, 2022 morning, killing at least three people. Spokesman for Taliban’s ministry of interior Abdul Nafay Takor said the police chief and two others were killed in the attack and two people were wounded. The blast happened close to the compound of the security department. Omar is believed to be the highest Taliban security official slain since the hard-line Islamist group seized power in August 2021.

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