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Karwan University Kabul

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  • Chairman and Founder: Sayed Javed Andish. Police spokesman Firdos Faramarz said a “corruption and fraud” case against Karwan University owner Javed Andesh was being investigated. The case against Andesh had been referred to the Attorney General Office (AGO), Faramarz said, adding he had been hiding before fleeing the country.Besides corruption, the official explained, Andesh was accused of having links with the Taliban.(20210727)
  • Chancellor: Engineer Sayed Hamed Rohani
  • Academic Vice Chancellor: Najibullah Wardak

Karwan University is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. In late 2009, it officially became a university. Its founder is Sayed Javed Andish, who is a businessman and Chairman of Afghanistan Universities Association and advisor of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.
Karwan University offers bachelor's degrees in business administration, economics, Law, political science, agriculture, pharmacy, journalism and computer science. It also offers Accounting courses, Diploma in Business Administration, Information Technology, English Language, Literacy, security courses and Civil Engineering.


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