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Alokozai, Mohammad Ibrahim

Name Alokozai, Mohammad Ibrahim
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1978
Function/Grade Candidate 2019 Presidential Election
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Head of Afghanistan National Consensus (20170810)
Presidential Candidate 2019 election
3. Biodata:
Haji Mohammad Ibrahim Alekozay was born in 1978. He obtained his master’s in political science from the Kabul University. Head of Afghanistan National Consensus. He is a Pashtun from Kandahar. Ibrahim Alokozai is a tribal elder and the alokozai tribe all over council chief. He was a Wolesi Jirga 2018 candidate in Kandahar but did not get a seat.   Mohammad Ibrahim Alokozay registered with the (IEC) for the July 20, 2019 presidential election. He has picked Mrs. Farida Ghaznawi and Dr. Sami Kiyani as first and second vice-presidents respectively.(20190120)

Alekozai is the head of Mubareza bar zed Zulm wa Be-adalati (Fight against Oppression and Injustice) and the head of the National Consensus of the People of Afghanistan, a political coalition that came together in 2017. Since then, the group has been taking positions on political issues in a bid to establish political relevance.  His first and second running-mates in Presedential Election 2019 are: Khadija Ghaznawi (Hazara), who tried to run with her own ticket in the 2014 presidential elections, but was disqualified. Ghaznawi owns a logistic company, and is the president of the Ibrahim Asia Group of Companies. Sayyed Same Kayani (Shia) from Ismaili-inhabited Kayan valley, Doshi district of Baghlan.


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Established 2019-01-20