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Ahmad Yar Group
Main Office
New Bagram Road , Faqirullah Watt
Kabul- Afghanistan
Tel No:-    +93 (0) 700 142 525
     +93 (0) 747 800 800
Email :-      info(at) 

President: Tawakul Shah Ahmad Yar Tawakul Ahmadyar Tawakal Ahmad Yar
3. Biodata:
Tawakul Shah Ahmad Yar
is President of one of Afghanistan’s premier trucking, storage and fuel companies, Ahmad Yar Group (AYG). Founded 20 years ago by his father and older brother, Shah has expanded the AYG legacy. Partnered with KFG, the two companies established the most successful, diversified petroleum group in Afghanistan. Together, the two companies are the largest fuel importers in the country with operational pumps in Kabul, and in the country, with fuel storage facilities and a vast network of retail service stations at key hubs throughout Afghanistan, and continuing expansion. Shah planned and executed AYG’s  market entry into commercial aviation fuel storage and flight line operations. He built Afghanistan’s leading fuel testing laboratory to NATO standards, and brought international commercial standards to concrete mixing and manufacturing.  Shah serves on the board of Ahmad Yar Foundation, supporting orphans, single parent families and seniors in need in his home province of Panjshir.


Ahmadyar Aria Turk Construction Company (Aria Turk) is a Concrete Production Company and a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Ahmadyar Group, EstablishedandRegistered in 2009 under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with AISA.Provides Service to the US ARMY, ISAF, NATO’s, USACE, US EMBASSY, Different Ministries, and other International & Domestic Companies throughout Afghanistan as Prime Vendor as well as Sub-Contractor. Aria Turk has created its position as a leader in the Industry, recognized as a provider of choice for Quality Concrete in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Yar Group has over thirty years’ experience in transportation, fuels supply, logistics, and construction throughout Afghanistan and is a licensed, 100% Afghan owned and run enterprise; we employ over 480 onsite staff across16 provinces. With a fleet of over 240 fuel tanker trucks, one of Kabul’s largest vehicle maintenance facilities,15 remote sites and fuel stations across Afghanistan and five major fuel storage facilities in Hairaton, Aqina, Kandahar, and Kabul, Ahmad Yar Group has established itself as a key player in the fuels logistics and storage market.

In 2010 Ahmad Yar Group supplied over USG 40 million of petroleum products to the US Military, Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police. Over the past nine years we have subcontracted to both major governmental and non-governmental organizations, and have delivered fuel within 28 of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan to: U.S. Military Installations, Embassies, ANA Installations, ANP Installations and numerous other sites. Furthermore, through our strategic partnerships, Ahmad Yar Group is able to extend its logistical reach beyond Afghanistan to supply fuels via Pakistan, and the Northern Routes: sourced from across Central Asia and transported by rail from as far as the Baltic. Ahmad Yar Group currently is the largest import of LPG in Afghanistan, with a total storage of 2,500 MT, and 50 brand new 30 ton LPG trailers.


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