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Dawran, Mohammad Masoomi Lt. Gen.

Name Dawran, Mohammad Masoomi Lt. Gen.
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghan National Army Air Corps Commander (ANA Air Corps) ANA
History and Biodata

1. Former Commanders of ANAAC Afghan Air Corps Afghan Air Force Airforce:
Dawran_Gen-Maj_MohammedLt. Gen. Mohammed Dawran Masoomy Massoomi (20090729),

Officers of ANAAC:
Cief of Staff: Gen Abdul Wahab Wardak (20110406) Maj. Gen. Abdul Wahab Wardak, AAF Commander; MajGen Abdul Wahab Wardak Commander of the Military Airport Kabul (20140704)
Afghan Air Corps, Commander Kandahar Air Wing: Maj. Gen. Abdul Raziq Sherzai, (20091122, 20110629),
Kabul Air Wing:  Brigadier General Mohammad Barat (20091122),

The ANAAC now (2009) operates from Kabul, Gardez, Jalabad, Herat and Kandahar airfields. The ANAAC is to be a total of 7,400 personnel and 126 aircraft. There will be 5 wings established until 2015.
1st Wing (Kabul military part of Kabul International Airport); 2nd Wing (Kandahar Airport Military Part); 3rd Wing (Shindand Airport); (20140704)

Starting in January of 2016, Afghan forces will receive a total of 28 MB 530 F helicopters and around 19 to 25 A-29 airplanes,” he said. “We have several C-130 and C-208 planes at disposal right now. The MB 530 helicopters would be outfitted with military equipment.(20160101)

The Afghan military gets own fixed-wing close air support with the first of 20 A-29 Super Tucano turboprops expected to begin arriving in December 2015. The U.S. Air Force’s $427 million program to provide A-29s to the Afghan military has been caught up in long-running contract disputes and delays in the training of Afghan Air Force air and ground crews, leaving the Afghan military overly reliant on the U.S. for close air support in combat. The aircraft is made by the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer S.A.  A few more will arrive next year 2016 but the majority of the order won’t be fielded until 2017 and 2018 under the current schedule. (20150306)

ANAAC Headquarters – Kabul , Major General Mohammad Dawran Kabul Air Corps Training Center(KACTC) - Kabul Opened April 2008. Classes in Aviation English, Basic Fire Fighter, Air Corps Orientation, Introduction to Computers, Basic, Maintenance. Mi-17 Crew Chief, Literacy Course, Logistics Course, Aerial Gunner, Fire Officer. VIP Transport Detachment - Kabul, equipped with 3 transport helicopters.

Kabul Air Wing - Brigadier General Mohammad Barat (20091122), Kabul International Airport (KIAP). The ANAAC KIAP North Cantonment, opening in April 2008, will house the ANAAC headquarters and serve as a home base for up to 46 aircraft and 3,754 personnel. Joint Aviation Facility (JAF 1) is a state-of-the-art maintained base operations, flight planning, and training facility. MEDEVAC flights are being conducted Kabul Air Wing - 3,700 personnel supporting 201st Corps and the Capital Division. Jalalabad Regional Support Squadron - Supporting the 201st Corps. Gardez Detachment – Supports RC- East, 203rd Corps Aircraft rotate in for 5 days at a time from Kabul Kandahar Wing - 2,500 personnel supporting the 205th Corps, Supports RC- South / 205th Corps. Facilities construction has begun. Eventually to house 2500 personnel. MEDEVAC flights are being conduced (2009). Shindand Regional Support Squadron – Supports RC – West, 207th Corps. Center for pilot training. Herat Detachment – Supports RC-West/207th Corps Mazar-e-Sharif Regional Support Squadron –Supports RC-North / 209th Corps Current status (July 2009) Personnel: 2700, including 301 pilots(190 actually fly), 300 maintenance personnel Rotary wing aircraft: 15x MI-17v5 transport 3 x MI-17DV VIP transport 9x MI-35 attack Fixed wing aircraft: 5x AN-32 transport 2 x AN-26 transport 2x L-39 Flying hours per month: 140, five fixed-wing transport flights per day. Operations for 2008: 6,754 sorties, 469,706 kilograms of cargo, 80,653 passengers

3. Biodata Lt Gen Dawran:
Latifa the only woman pilot in the Afghan National Army's Air Corps blames the commander of the Afghan Air Corps, Major General Mohammad Dawran for the death of her 36-year-old sister and fellow aviator, Lailuma. She died on July 17, 2006 from complications during childbirth at Kabul's Rabia Balkhi Maternity Hospital.
Her relatives wanted the commander-in-chief of the Air Corps to send Lailuma  abroad for treatment. "The commander goes to foreign countries for his eye problem -- and even for a simple headache -- every month and year. Did Lailuma  not deserve it? I called on Dawran to come and transfer his pilot abroad for treatment," said her sister Latifa. But Wardak did not help. (20060802)

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