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Dawlatabad District Faryab Province

Name Dawlatabad District Faryab Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Daulatabad District Chief Dawlat Abad District in Faryab Province:
Saif Rahman (20100204),
Saifur Rahman Samat (20120805)
Dawlat Abad district Faryab Province District Police Chief:
Niamatullah Naimatullah (20111016, 2012)
Syed Abdul Salam Nizhat (20130811)
Col. Naimatullah Tofan (20160214)


Taleban currently (20121127) control most parts of Almar, Qaisar, Ghormach, Qaramqol and Dawlatabad districts of Faryab at night and invest all their energy to expand their influence in other districts, too.


The center of Dawlat Abad district, Faryab province has fallen to Taliban group last night. Local residents say the district was under the Taliban siege since three days, finally the group has taken the control of the district last night(20210607). It has been said, security official have made “tactical retreat” from the district. According to unconfirmed reports, 20 Afghan security troops have been captured by Taliban and have seized some military equipment belonged to the forces in the district as well.(20210608)

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