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Afghan National Customs Academy ANCA

Name Afghan National Customs Academy ANCA
Ethnic backgr. Other
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Function/Grade ANCA Ministry of Finance
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The Afghan National Customs Academy (ANCA) in Kabul was inaugurated on January 19, 2010. Established with the support of a number of international donors, the ANCA will assist the Afghanistan Customs Department to develop into a modern customs service.

Through the ANCA, 150 to 200 recruits will be trained over the course of 12 months on customs practices. At the same time, four Afghan trainers will participate in a train-the-trainer program so that Afghans can train Afghans to ensure that the ANCA will remain operational and sustainable over the long term.

The Afghan National Customs Academy (ANCA) trains at least 200 students by December 2010, with operational management for the ANCA transferred to the Afghan government by late 2011. ANCA is an Department belonging to the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

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Established 2010-03-17