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Dawi, Abdul Ghafar

Name Dawi, Abdul Ghafar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1968
Function/Grade Dawi Oil Pvt. Ltd Chairman
History and Biodata

Chairmen Dawi Oil Pvt. Ltd.:
Abdul Ghafar Dawi sentenced to six years in prison
Dawi Oil Company’s deputy head Mohammad Asghar Ghiyasi was sentenced to five years in prison.

3. Biodata:
dawi_abdul_ghafarAbdul Ghafar Dawi was born in the year 1347 (1968) in Kabul. He attended High school in Habibia High School. He holds a Bachelors degree in Political Sciences Faculty of Law from Kabul University in Kabul, Afghanistan. Abdul Ghafar Dawi, is a Businessman, with offices in Dubai, UAE and Kabul, Afghanistan an he is a Board member of AICC. Background: Dawi Oil Ltd was established 30.07.2006 and is a branch of Dawi Group of Companies ( operating as the leading aviation fuel distributor located across Afghanistan.

Dawi Group in addition to oil business has been in many businesses including construction, agriculture, trading and very recently Dawi Group has opened the only Duty Free Shop in Afghanistan at Kabul International Airport (New Terminal). Dawi Oil has invested heavily in jet fuel storage facilities as well as distribution facilities with the advance technology and professional team workers. The Company has assembled new facilities across the country over and above upgrades the existing storages and rising as the only modern facility in the local and regional level. It is one of the few fuel companies with Research and Development facilities dedicated to the aviation sector. Following an investigation of (military) customer requirements, Dawi Oil Ltd has made major improvements concerning its services, in order to offer greater efficiency, responsiveness and professionalism.

So far, Dawi Oil has been known for fuel supplying efficiency and quality assurance which attracted over 40 national and international airlines and aviation companies to utilize Dawi Oil services and have concluded bi-lateral long term agreements. Dawi Oil is a major fuel supplier for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Former shareholder of Kabul Bank and the head of Dawi Oil Abdul Ghafar Dawi has been arrested in capital Kabul. Reports also indicate that Dawi was put on Exit Control List after he was summoned by the Afghanistan Attorney General’s Office. He has reportedly been arrested on charges of embezzlement of millions of Dollars in fuel and oil contracts.(20170313) According to document with the anti-corruption tribunal, Dawi was arrested on March 14 on fraud charges and was shifted to the Pul-i-Charkhi prison.(20170404)

Ghaffar Dawi, was arrested over allegations of corruption. It is his second arrest by the ACJC after that four months ago. At the time of his previous arrest, sources said that Dawi had been arrested over tax evasion, refusal to repay government debts and corruption.(20170712)

Afghanistan's anti-corruption court 20170815 sentenced Abdul Ghafar Dawi, the owner of Dawi oil company, to nine years and nine months in prison. His partner Mohammad Asghar Ghyasi was also given same term in jail. In addition to imprisonment, the duo was ordered to pay $38 million. Monopolization of aircraft fuel contract, misuse of transport ministry’s installations at the airport, embezzlement at Kabul Bank and duping two private companies were what they were accused of. During 20170816 session, the primary court at Anti-Corruption Justice Centre also jailed two former deputy transport ministers. Raz Mohammad Elmi was sentenced to imprisonment of six months and fine of 3,000 afghanis, while Abdul Razaq Zulali was sentenced to imprisonment of five years and fine of 3,000 afghanis. The judge, Sher Aqa Munib, also ordered prosecution of some former and current officials of Ariana Airlines and Transport Ministry.(20170816)

The Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center’s (ACJC) appeal court on Sunday sentenced Abdul Ghafar Dawi, head of Dawi Oil Ltd, to oversix years in prison after he was found guilty of corruption and embezzlement relating to fuel contracts. The court also sentenced Dawi Oil Company’s deputy head Mohammad Asghar Ghiyasi to five years in prison. According to the court’s decision, Davi and Ghiyasi also have to repay over $21 million USD to government. Davi’s case not only involved himself and his deputy, but also involved former administrative head of the transport ministry Abdul Razaq Zulalai who was sentenced to two and half years in prison. (20171104)

Afghan central bank has said that Abdul Ghafar Dawi, who has been imprisoned for involvement in a 2010 loan fraud scandal at Kabul Bank, was brought to the bank by Helmand MP Karim Atar. Dawi is accused of embezzling more than $37 million and was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison in 2017. It said that acting head of the bank, Ajmal Ahmadi, agreed to hold a meeting with Dawi’s defense lawyer and legal team of the bank to pursue the case. However, Atal brought Dawi himself to the office of Ahmadi without any prior notice. Ahmadi asked Dawi to leave the office, but Atar reacted harshly, the bank said.(20200728)

Dawi is married to Shukria Barakzai (MNA). He has got a second wife also.

Dawi Oil Ltd Aviation Fuel President: Abdul Ghafar Dawi
Deputy head of Dawi Oil Company: Mohammad Asghar Gheyasi (20170404)
Add: Butcher Street, Shahr-e- Naw,
Phone: +93(0) 799 700 800 Kabul, Afghanistan

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