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Ibrahimi, Mohammad Maj Gen

Name Ibrahimi, Mohammad Maj Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kabul Garrison Commander
History and Biodata

1. Former Kabul Garrison Commanders:
Gen Abdul Rahman Rahman Rahimi (20150508)
Gen Gul Nabi Ahmadzai (20160513)
Maj Gen Afzal Aman (20170622, 20171118)
Lt Gen Murad Ali Murad (20180623) dismissed (20180909)
Gen Akhtar Ibrahimi (20180909)

Kabul Garrison Commander position was created based on a decision by the Council of Ministers. The Kabul Police Commander will serve as the Garrison General's deputy. The Kabul Garrison Commander will have the authority to coordinate operations between the Afghan army, police and intelligence service.

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Kabul:
General Abdul Basir Salangi (20030918),
General Abdul Wahid Baba Jan (20030919),
Major General Akram Khakrezwal (killed by bomb 20050601 in mosque in Kandahar),
Mohammed Akram (20050601),
Major General Abdul Jamil Jonbesh Azizi (200507),
Amanullah Gozar aka Guzar Gazar (20060603),
MajGen Esmatullah Daulazai aka Daulatzai Dawlatzai Asmatullah Dawlatzai (20070114),
Gen Muhammad Salem Ihsas Ehsas (20070923),
LtGen Abdur Rehman Abdul Rahman Rahman (20090209 - 20101129),
Abdul Rahman Rahimi (20110811)
Lt Gen Mohammad Ayub Salangi Mohammad Ayoubi Salangi (20101100,20111024, 20120415, 20130208)
Gen Mohammad Zahir Zahir (20130916) sacked 20140708 and ours later reinstalled. Resigned 20141129; resignation turned down (20141101) has been appointed as head of the Criminal Investigation Department (20141203)
Brig Gen Abdul Rahman Rahimi (20141203, 20150807, 20151015, 20170303)
Gen Hassan Shah Frogh (20170303, 20170621)
Maj Gen Sayed Mohammad Roshandil (20180909)

Deputy Police Commanders:
Gen. Abdul Razzaq (20070923),
Gen. Muhammad Razzaq Yaqubi, (20070929),
Col. Mohammad Khalil Dastyar Khalilullah (20100110),
Nabi Charkhi, deputy provincial police chief? (20100911)

In charge of securing the Kabul district that includes the Presidential Palace and many government ministries:
Commander Mohammed Daud Amin (20100312),

Kabul criminal investigation department:
Sayed Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada, Kabul's criminal investigations police chief (20100115),
General Ali Shah Khan Paktiwal (20080903, 20100228)
Brig Gen Mohammad Salem Almas (20170303)

Kabul Police Crime Branch Chief:
Col. Mohammad Zahir (20110313)

Kabul police chief in charge of Karte Naw (Zone 8):
Mohammad Naeem Qazawi (20130129)
Kabul Deputy Police Chief:
Daud Amin (20130516)
Deputy security police chief of Kabul Sayed Gul Agha Rohani (20150531, 20161103 )

2. Previous Functions Maj Gen Mohammad Ibrahimi:
NDS Chief Paktia (20111005)
PPS Chief  Head of the security guards of the presidential palace (20180522)
Kabul Garrison Commander (20180909)

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