Afghan Biographies

Dand District Kandahar Province

Name Dand District Kandahar Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

2. Former District Chiefs Dand District Kandahar Province:
Haji Ahmadullah Hamdullah Nazak Nazik Nazuk (2010)
Haji Abdullah (201900611)

District Police Chief:
Fida Mohammed (20080628),
Rahmatullah Khan died while trying to reach a police outpost by a Taliban roadside bomb attack.(20121103) others say  a number of Taliban riding motorbikes opened fire and killed him.

3. Biodata District Chief Dand District Kandahar Province:
Nazik_AhmadullahHaji Ahmadullah Hamdullah Nazak Nazik Nazuk (see picture) , born 1982, (201002119) He survived the attempt by a suicide bomber to kill him in recent months, among eight assassination attempts in all (20100802). He came under a suicide attack (the 9th) in southern Kandahar province on 20101218. Nazuk escaped unhurt from a road side bomb attack in Kandahar on Friday, Feb.  19, 2011.

Ahmadullah Nazak Ahmadullah Naziq the administrative head for the Dand district in southern Kandahar province 20120715 resigned for what he called the provincial government’s neglect of the District. But he is still in Office (20121012)


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