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Inspection Office within Office of the President

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President Ashraf Ghani has ordered for the creation of an inspection office to meet complaints regarding the activities of senior government officials. The nine-article decree released by the presidential office on Sunday, July 08, 2018 reads that the office that is only responsible to the president, would inspect activities of senior officials including administrative units under the presidential office, the office of the chief executive and independent budget department except the activities of the president.

The new office has been called as a sub-department of the president’s chief of staff and would be performing independently and would be responsible to the president. It will inspect corruption cases and will refer the corrupt to the attorney general office. The inspector will be appointed by the president for four years and should prepare the inspection office’s law within three months from assuming office.

The creation of the new office comes after President Ashraf Ghani annulled the anti corruption department two months ago and is feared to perform as a “political arm” for the government.(20180712)

Last Modified 2018-07-12
Established 2018-07-12