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Daikundi PC 2009

Name Daikundi PC 2009
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Daikundi PC Members 2009
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Daikundi Provincial Council has 9 members including 3 women.
Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1, Seyed Mohammad Sadat Naseri 6237 4.2%
2 Ali Akbar Jamshidi 3995 2.7%
3 Anwar 3890 2.6%
4 Haji Sayed Ishaq 3,719 2.5%
5 Sohrab Ali Etemadi Sorab Ali Itimadi 3593 2.4%, Provincial Council Chief (20130411)
6 Hossein Ali Montazeri, 3556 2.4%
7 Rshydh Shahidi 3108 2.1%
8 Shfyqh Azadeh Hakimi 2292 1.5%
9 T. Moradi 2189 1.5%

Daikundi provincial members’ biographies

1. Sohrab Ali Etomadi, Head of the Provincial Council:
Sohrab Ali Etomadi is the son of Haji Mohammad Anif. He was born in Shahristan district of Daikundi province in 1957. He passed his primary education in Shahristan, syntax literature in Mashhad and Qom cities of Iran. He achieved his 12th grade at Sangi Mom High School in Nieli city of Daikundi.
He is now the student of third year of Law and Political Sciences faculty at Nasir Khusrau Higher Education Institute in Daikundi.
Etomadi took part in Jihad against Soviet within Jihadi Shoras in Gazni, Bamyan and Maidan Wordak provinces. During 1990, he served as finance manager and district deputy in Shahristan district. After the Taliban captured the district, he served as elder and head of public management of Charsad Khana areas in order to maintain security.
Contact: 0775622530
2. Sayyed Ishaq Ikhlaqi, Deputy of the Provincial Council:  
Sayyed Ishaq Ikhlaqi is the son of Sayyed Nadir Shah. He was born in Kijran district in 1970. He passed his primary and intermediate education and as well as several years of religious education in the district. From 2005 to 2006, he served as Kijran district governor.
Contact: 0778080100
3. Hadi Rahimi Zada, Secretary of the Provincial Council:
Hadi Rahimi Zada was born in Sang Takht District in 1976. He could not get education due to domestic war and closure of schools. He then got religious education. In 1992, he went to Iran and started studying at Mashhad Madrassa in the field of Arabic literature, logic, and jurisprudence for three years.
Contact: 0775577829
4. Hussein Ali Montaziri:
Hussein Ali Montaziri is the son of Haji Hassan. He was born in Dara-e-Khodi district of Khedir in 1971. He passed his four-year education in the field of jurisprudence in local Madrassa. In 1988, Montaziri studied at Mahmodia Madrassa in Yakawlang district of Bamyan. In 1989, he went to Iran and studied there up to 2004. He returned to his homeland in 2006 he returned while in 2008, he was appointed as office manager of Daikundi Attorney Department and worked there for one year.
5.  Mohammad Ibrahim Rahmani:
Mohammad Ibrahim Rahmani is the son of Safdar. He was born in Kijran district of Daikundi in 1969. He got his primary education and also religious education in his hometown. In 1984, he joined Mujahideen’s ranks and then in 1988 he went to Iran. He returned to Afghanistan in 1992 and served for three years as commander in Kijran district. After the Taliban took power in 1990, seizing Kijran district he went back to Iran. He won the previous provincial council election as well.
6. Khadim Hussian Rezayee:
Khadim Hussian Rezaye was born in Ashterlai district of Daikundi province in 1966. He got his primary education in his district and also has five years religious education at his local Madrassa.
As he had political affiliation with Islamic Unity Party, he served as commander in the district. In the beginning of transitional government of Afghanistan, he was disarmed under the Disarmament and Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) program. He started taking active part in social activities in the province.
7.  Mrs. Shafiqa Hakimi:
Shafiqa Hakimi is the daughter of Asadullah. She was born in Ashterlai district in 1971. She received her primary and high school education at Noor High school in Quetta and Sultan Razia High school in Mazar Sharif.
She studied for two and half years in Shohad Clinic in Quetta Pakistan. She served as a midwife in Afghanistan and Pakistan and also worked with Election Commission in Quetta Pakistan and Daikundi province.
8.  Mrs. Rashida Shaheedi:
Rashida Shaheedi is the daughter of Nazir Hussain. She was born in Shahristan district in 1978. She got her primary education in Shahristan district while her BA degree in the field of Islamic Education from Jame Atul Mustafa University, Qum city in Iran. Ms Shaheedi served as midwife for five years in Shahristan clinic. She then served as principal of Al Zahra High School in Mazar Sharif.
Contact: 0775952912 

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