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Background Habib Gulzar International LLC:

HABIB GULZAR group is a well renowned business family of Afghanistan and doing business since 1940.
1940 – Established the first distribution business “Gulzar Trading Company”.
1960 – Put-up a textile mill (first manufacturing business) “Nasaji Nangarhar Limited” in Jalalabad City.
1976 – Restructured the business and expanded the distribution network to whole of Afghanistan & neighboring countries with the name of “Habib Gulzar Limited”. 
1995 – Established “Habib Gulzar International LLC” in UAE for overseas operations.

Apart from multi million US$ investment in state of the art Coca-Cola Bottling Plant and real estate, the Habib Gulzar group is national distributors of different multinational companies including Toyota, Phillip Morris, Japan Tobacco, Continental Biscuits, Kraft, Packages Limited..
This position is the most important position in sales department, directly involve in selling, market development and public relation. Sales supervisor play a role of bridge between company and market, company and distributor and distributor and market.

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