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Afghanistan Research and Advisory Board:
Abdul Qahar Sarwari (20180319)

3. Biodata:
Ustad Abdul Qahar Sarwari was born 1979 in Badakhshan Province. He is senior lecturer in Journalism at Al-Bironi University Alberuni University of Afghanistan; he has his Bachelor degree in Journalism from Kabul University of Afghanistan, his MA degree in English Language and Professional Communication from University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) (2014) and has completed his PhD studies in Communication and Humanities Technology at UMP (“Relationship between Communication Competence and heart rate variability”). Dr. Abdul Qahar Sarwari’s research focuses on the ways that enable individuals to conduct fruitful interactions in multicultural environments. The Free Press Defense Foundation was established by a number of Afghan journalists, headed by Abdul Qahar Sarwari, in order to safeguard the freedom of the press in Afghanistan and to increase the number of journalists working in the country. (20030107)

Sawari stood for the Wolesi Jirga 20015 elections in Badakhshan Province, but could not grab a seat.


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