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Kabul Balkh Security and Safety Company KBSS

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CEO & president of Kabul Balkh Safety & Security Company:
Mohammad Sayed Rahimi (2016, 20170510, 20180122)

Rahimi is an Afghan, graduated from Amani high school & Administration – Diplomacy branch of Law and political science faculty of Kabul University. He has worked for 3 years as president of provisional relations in Refugees Ministry, for 4 years work in Admin & Security fields in Afghan Wireless Communication Company, for 2 years as VP.Gov-Rel – Security & Site Aq for Asia Consultancy Group (ACG) Kabul office which main office is located in USA Virginia.

Qala Murad Baig, Shakar Dara Dist, Kabul, Afghanistan.
House #1, Adjacent to Qala Murad Baig
Shakar Dara Dist.
Kabul,  Afghanistan (20120803)
phone: 0093703333410
 KABUL, AFG 0093 (2014),

House No. 28 Karta Char, Post Office Street
Kabul, Afghanistan

KBSS started operation in Afghanistan since 2004 with its license Number D-23004 from the Government of Afghanistan (AISA) the organization has also been registered with the ministry of Interior & tourism. KBSS Management and security guards are all Afghans and are highly trained in a dexterous and proficient way so that they could keep clients secured happy proud and reliable with its work and services.

KBSS at present serves and protects the interests of a number of major businesses, Companies, corporations, United Nations, Embassies, Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), our services are extended in the Office Resident Marketplaces Hotels Isolated worsites Escorting Convoys Cash / Valuable Materials Carrying VVIP/VIP Protection Dedicated Quick Reaction Force, Intelligences Services and Security Situation Analysis.
KBSS provided internal security for FOB Delaram, Nimruz Province. It was transferred to the Afghan National Army in April 2014.It now appears to be the headquarters of 4th Brigade, 215th Corps, which was formed in 2012.
Sources said Kabul Balkh Safety and Security Company is set to be paid $800,000 USD in annual fees to  maintain security of Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. (20180122)
A travel ban was imposed by the Attorney General's Office against four people over a deadly militant attack on Kabul Intercontinental Hotel late last month Jan 20,  2018. They are the head of Kabul-Balkh security company, his deputy, in-charge of guards (an American) and head of the hotel.(20180210)

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