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Alokozay Tribe Alokozai Tribe

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Alokozay tribal elders:
Massoud Akhundzada, Mohammad Hashem Alokozay and Khanjan Alokozay (20180101)

Alakozai meaning descendant of Alako in Pashto is the name of a Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan. Spelling variations include Alakoozi, Alekozai, Alekuzei, Alikozai, Alokozay, Alokozay, Alkozai, Alokzai, Hulakozai, Alecozay, Alikusi,and Alakuzei.

The Alakozai are found primarily in Helmand, Kandahar, Kabul, Laghman, Kunar Sarkani District and Herat provinces in Afghanistan, and form the majority of the population in the Sangin District. Jaldak, which is located 110 km northeast of Kandahar, is the original domicile of the Alakozai tribe.The Alakozai people stretch from Farah to Kandahar, and constitute a majority in the Arghandab District of Kandahar.The Arghandab district was given to the Alakozai tribe by King Nadir Shah, who brought down the Safavid empire of Persia with the help of the Alakozai in 1738.Arghandab was referred to by the Greek historians as Arakozia, or the "Land of Arako/Aloko".Alexander the Great faced a fierce resistance from the forefathers of the Alokozais in Arghandab. Arghandab is also mentioned as Saraswati in Rigveda, and Harwati in Avesta.


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