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Government Cases- and Legal Disputes Department (MoJ)

Name Government Cases- and Legal Disputes Department (MoJ)
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Background Government Cases Department and the Legal Disputes Department within the Ministry of Justice:

Government Cases Department:
lodging a lawsuit against individuals and organizations in the courts, defending the lawsuit, attracting the support and cooperation of the government organizations in recording and documenting state-owned properties, dragging land-grabbers to the legal-judicial institutions, resolving legal disputes among government organizations, cooperating with the government organizations/officials to address the legal disputes and issuing contracts to resolve legal disputes between government organizations.

Legal Disputes Department:

referring civil, commercial, property and familial cases to the courts, participation of the committee members in the enforcement and implementation of the legal-judicial documents, protection and defense of the property rights, responsiveness and accountability towards the demands of other relevant organizations and taking constructive measures for implementing and carrying out the judgements delivered in the courts.

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