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Fuel and Gas Importers Union

Name Fuel and Gas Importers Union
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1. Head Fuel and Gas Importers Union CEO and president Union of Oil and Gas Companies of Afghanistan:
Azrakhsh Hafezi Azrakhsh Hafizi (20171017, 20171130)

2. Previous Functions Azrakhsh Hafizi:
Aghan-German international Trade Company (1995)
Director Azizi Bank (2006)
Chief for the Afghan International Chamber of Commerce (20071201)
Member of the board of directors of the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (20110625)
Deputy Head of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce (20131203)
Director of International Relations at the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (20150519)
CEO and president of General Union of Oil and Gas Companies of Afghanistan (20160903

3. Biodata:
Azrakhsh Hafezi Azarakhsh Hafezi Hafizi was mentioned also as an economic expert, (20170919). Education:

Shah mahmood ghazi high school Badakhshan. Kabul University. Hannover Educational Centars. B.A. and MA (1958-1970)

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