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As one of the biggest farms in the country, Gulbagh Farm Gul Bagh Farm (Chahar Asyab also known as Gul Bagh or Rish Khor) was first established by the Bulgarian government fifty years ago. The farm has over the years supplied hundreds of thousands of liters of milk to Kabul and bed thousands of cows. In 2012, Paiman-e-Afghan Pioneer Company signed a 34-year contract with government to operate the farm.Based on the contract, the company would pay an annual rent of 1,000 AFs for each hectare of land for the first four years and thereafter 30,000 AFs for each hectare of land a year.

USAID officially transferred oversight of an innovative agricultural education site in Kabul to Afghan officials during a ceremony today. Badam Bagh Demonstration Farm, featuring laser-leveled land and modern hygienic farming systems, is intended to invigorate Afghanistan’s agricultural sector.(20111025)

Through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Afghanistan Agricultural Extension Project-II, a three-year $19.8 million project that runs through September 2017, the institutions are collaborating on an agricultural Extension program to deliver knowledge and technical assistance at a grassroots level.

MAIL officials said the company (Mohmand Shalizi, Owner of Gulbagh Farm) has not adhered to its contractual obligation over the past five years. MAIL officials said the decision to cancel the contract was taken by the Council of Ministers.

“Our information shows that they (the company) rented a number of cows and brought them to the farm in order to show the farm is active. This was done for at least the past five years. Second, the company has not paid rent (for the past few years) which is owed to government. It (the firm) owes at least three million AFs to government,” said Jahangir Miakhail, general director of livestock and animal health at MAIL.(20170914)



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