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Charkh District Logar Province Loghar

Name Charkh District Logar Province Loghar
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District Chief Charkh District Logar Province:
Haji Samar Gul (20100606),
Abdul Khalil Kamal (20110910)
Hamayon Farooq (20120604)
Abdul Hamid (20131007) wounded in mortar attack (20131208)
Khalilullah Kamal (20150208, 20160517) arrested for allegedly selling ghee meant for distribution among flood-affected families in central Logar province.(20160516)
Mohammad Hanif Hanifi (20180402)


Charkh District is situated in the southern part of Logar ProvinceAfghanistanKharwar District was created from the former big Charkh District. The distance from Kabul to Charck is about 89 km. The population is 49,354 (2019). They speak in Dari and Pashto. The district center is the village of Charkh. The district is mountainous and the winters here are severe and some villages are isolated for long periods. its main villages
are Garmaba (Bandoka is part of Garmaba), Pengram, Nawshahr, Qalai Naw, Sayda, Dasht, Kajdara, Paspajack etc.
The tomb of Shah Muainuddin, Khwaja Ali, Shah Khwelwati, Mawlana Yaqoub Charkhi, Shaikh Omar, Khwaja Ismail, and
Khwaja Betos are located in this district. Almost all the residents are Sunni Muslims. Shaikh Mawlana Yaqoub Charkhi a
well-known scholar was from Charkh district. The popular high school in Charkh district is the Mawlana Yaqoub Charkhi
High School located next to district governor office

Local officials said government compounds and the military base in the Charkh district have been abandoned. Taliban have captured the district.(20210322)


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