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Hesa-i-Awal Behsud district Maidan Wardak Province

Name Hesa-i-Awal Behsud district Maidan Wardak Province
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Hesa-i-Awal Behsud Hisa-I-Awali Bihsud district chief Maidan Wardak Province:
Abdul Ghani Qalandari (20170311)

The first-ever ski club was inaugurated in the Hesa-i-Awal Behsud Hesa-e-Awal-e-Behsud Hissa-i-Awal BEHSUD district of Maidan Wardak province.(20170311)

The district has a Hazara majority resident population, but the district is also used as grazing ground by nomadic Pashtun Kuchis.

Since 2007 there has been a flare-up in ethnic violence in the district, emanating from a dispute between Hazaras and Kuchis over the ownership of vast tracts of land, with the Hazara claiming Kuchi militias are being armed by the Taliban. Several villages have been burned and thousands have had to flee the area.

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