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APTICA and Joint Economic Commission

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Pakistan has asked Afghanistan to first hold a meeting on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Issues Contract Agreement (APTICA) prior to the meeting of the Joint Economic Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) said on Saturday Aug 12, 2017.
The MoCI said they are assessing Pakistan’s request.
The request comes as the value of trade between the two countries has decreased by half due to problems and tensions.
Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries ACCI said Pakistan should promise that it will allow Afghan and Indian traders to use Gwadar port for transit.
“We have numerous problems with Pakistan that should be resolved. They take from us bank guarantee to not unload our goods in Pakistan and when they pay us back, then they withhold 25 percent of the money,” Khan Jan Alokozay, ACCI deputy head said.
In the last APTICA meeting two years ago, Pakistan requested that Tajikistan also should be included in the agreement and Afghanistan said India also should be included. Pakistan rejected Afghanistan’s request.(20170814)

Last Modified 2017-08-14
Established 2017-08-14