Afghan Biographies

Aryobee, Shahzad Gul

Name Aryobee, Shahzad Gul
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1980
Function/Grade Ex Ambassador to Czech Republic
History and Biodata

The Afghan Embassy in Prague has been in contact with the acting government, offering required services to the countrymen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. (20221127)

1. Former Ambassador to the Czech Republik:

Dr. Qasim Fazili
Azizullah Karzai
Ziauddin Mojadedi (20140109)
Mohammad Kabir Farahi (2015 )
Sayed Musdaq Khalili (20151129)
Homayoun Kamgar (20190808)
Shahzad Gul Aryoubi (20191211)

Embassy Staff as of 20200120:
Shahzad Gul ARYOBEE, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Credentials: December 11, 2019
Abdul Qudus KHALIL, Counsellor /Political Affairs
Zabihullah AMINZAI, First Secretary /Administrative and Financial Affairs
Mrs. Safora AMINZAI
Fardin BARMAKI, Second Secretary /Consular Affairs
Mrs. Noria BARMAKI
Ahmad Tamim QAZIZADA, Third Secretary /Administrative Affairs

2. Previous Functions:
worked with various UN Offices (2000)
World Bank
Database manager at the offices of UNOCA/MIS in Islamabad, Pakistan (2000-2002)
Ministry of tribal Affairs
General director of Asan Khedmat (2015)
Chief Board Member Afghan Telecom
Minister of Communication and Information Technology (20170807, 20171204 confirmed, 20190523)
Ambassador to Czech Republic (20190529, 20200803, 20201220)

3. Biodata:
Shahzad Gul Aryobee Shahzad Gul Ayoubi Sherzad Gul Aryoubi s/o Wazir Gul was born 1980 in Paktia Province. He is said to be a Pashtun from the Aryubi district of Khost province. Aryubi has a BBA from Preston University, Peshawar, Pakistan. He has worked in various UN offices since 2000 and in USAID, the World Bank and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and in 2015, he was appointed general director of Asan Khedmat (“easy service”) in the Finance Ministry: this is the so-called ‘one stop shop’ that will eventually bring all interactions between government and public under one roof, including getting licenses, IDs and passports and paying taxes

He speaks Pashto, Dari, English, and Arabic.

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