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Commander of Afghan Army’s Special Operations Unit / Division; Commander of the Commando Ministry of National Defense; Afghan National Army Special Operations Command commander Commando:
MajGen Bismillah Wazir (20170731)

President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday Aug 20, 2017 officially upgraded the Special Forces Unit and Special Operations Division to a military corps. Ghani said the number of Special Forces will increase and that insurgents will be targeted more and more.
Ghani said General Bismillah Waziri will be appointed as the commander in chief of the Special Operation Military Corps SOC.
Right now the number of Special Forces in the country totals 13,000 but according to Ghani, this number will increase to 30,000.(20170820)


Special forces, who represent a small fraction of the 300,000-strong armed forces, have been carrying out nearly 70 per cent of the army’s offensive operations across the country. The National Brigade of the Army Special Forces Ktah Khas, was formed as country's national-level counterterrorism unit, from battalion to brigade level.(20170731)

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