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Banu TV

Name Banu TV
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Function/Grade Woman TV Network
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Banu TV’ director:
Azizullah Aral



A second network (first was Zan) dedicated to women, Banu TV, is set to begin broadcasting in Afghanistan on Sunday July 24, 2017. The audio-visual media would give a platform for women to express their ideas through news that mostly matters to them. The plan is to have up to 90 percent of female journalists, presenters and news-readers in his led network.

The network with 50 women staff and 24 hours broadcast a day, besides the capital Kabul, is operating in some provinces of the country, such as Maidan Wardak, Logar, Parwan and Kapisa.

Simultaneously, Radio Banu with 97,8FM frequency has started the release of its programs. Female newsreaders and presenters are regularly appearing on the entire Afghan TV channels, but its arrival is novelty to have an entire station for women in a country highly dominated by men.

This is the second audio-visual network established in the recent 4 months in Kabul, while another association dedicated to women in Herat highlighting women courage and dedication break ground fearlessly in the mostly male-dominated Afghan society.

ZAN and Banu TVs to have been led and managed by male directors.

Last Modified 2017-07-24
Established 2017-07-24