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Chahar Burjak District Nimruz Province

Name Chahar Burjak District Nimruz Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Chahar Borjak District Chief:
Haji Mohammad Abdul Nabi Brahui(20170415)

District Police Chief:
Muhiddin Baloch (2017, killed 20180823)

Chahar Burjak District is a district of Nimruz Province in Afghanistan. At just under 8,080 square kilometers in area, it is the largest district in Afghanistan. The population of Chahar Burjak is about 11,080 as of 2004, which includes Baloch Brahuis (98%), Pashtuns (1%), Tajiks (1%) .

In Nimruz Kamal Khan Dam is now in its third and final phase which began in April 2017. The Kamal Khan dam is anticipated to have a massive impact on both agriculture and electricity generation in the southwest of the country. When complete the dam in Chahar Burjak district will irrigate some 80,000 hectares of land in what is the country’s most sparsely-populated province, as well as generating nine megawatts of electricity. The dam is fed by Helmand river which runs 700 miles from its source in the Hindu Kush mountains to the Iranian-Afghan border, and the dam will disrupt this flow along the way.
According to a bilateral water agreement signed in 1973 under the supervision of then-prime minister Musa Shafiq, Article 5 of the treaty precludes any measures that would cut off the flow of Helmand river to Iran. It also obligates Afghanistan to channel at least 22 cubic metres a second annually to Iran.(20180317)

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