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The Afghan Health Sector has developed a lot in the past decade. According to the official statistics, there are 153 government and 252 private hospitals in 2014-15. Besides, there are 411 comprehensive health centers, 932 basic health centers, 854 health sub centers and up to 1,700 laboratories. The health service provision of the public sector has improved and private sector has also forayed into hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical industries. Existing investment is unable to meet local health service needs and medicinal demand. More than USD 300 million flows out of Afghanistan in pursuit of medical treatments annually. More than USD 800 million worth of pharmaceuticals are imported annually. These huge outflows from the country are demands for health services, which can be met through investing in the following areas:

  • Medical complexes/hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Standard laboratories
  • Medical equipment and tools manufacturing
  • Standard pharmacies/medicine stores (trained doctors?)

    45 percent of investments on health sector have been done in Kabul and 55 percent remaining are done in other provinces. This causes that most of people travel to Kabul for treatment.(20140202)

    Ministry of Public Health Kabul Afghanistan


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