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Cabinet List No.4 20100628

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Cabinet dated 2011-06-28
President Karzai has nominated seven people to fill posts in his cabinet including a replacement for the powerful position of interior minister, the parliament said 20100628. Out of the seven Wolesi Jirga gave a vot of confidence to five. There are still 7 Ministers to be named.

Confirmed 20100628:
1. General Bismullah Mohammadi for the post of interior minister, confirmed.
2. Assadullah Khalid for minister of border and tribal affairs, confirmed.
3. Anwarul Haq Ahadi for minister of commerce, confirmed.
4. Jamahir Anwari for the Ministry of Refugee and Repatriates, confirmed.
5. Abdul Qadus Hamidi for Ministry of Public Works, confirmed.

Not confirmed 20100628:
6. Sarwar Danish for Ministry of Higher Education, not confirmed
7. Daud Ali Najafi for Ministry of Transport and Aviation, not confirmed 

Cabinet List as of 2011-02-18:
1. Defense — Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak
2. Interior — Hanif Atmar (sacked), replaced by General Bismullah Mohammadi, confirmed 2010628.
3. Finance — Omar Zakhilwal
4. Information and Cultural Tourism Affairs — Sayed Makhdum Rahin
Deputy: Prof. Ghulam Nabi Farahi (20100927)
5. Mines — Wahidullah Shahrani
6. Agriculture — Muhammad Asif Rahimi
Deputy: Muhammad Salim Khan Kunduzi Saleem (20100129)
7. Education — Ghulam Farooq Wardak
Deputy Minister for Technical Evaluation, Sarwar Azizi (20100809),
Deputy Minister: Muhammad Asif Nang (20101228)
8. Foreign Affairs — Zalmai Rasoul
9. Justice — Habibullah Ghaleb
10. Economy — Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal
Deputy: Dr. Nazir Ahmad Shahidi
11. Hajj and Auqaf/Religious Affairs — Mohammad Yasouf Niazi
Deputy: Ghulam Ali Rasikh (20101006)
12. Labor and Social Affairs/Martyred and Disabled — Amina Afzali
Deputy: Dr Surab Ali Safari
Deputy: Wasil Momand (20101228)
13. Development and Rural Affairs — Jarullah Mansouri
Deputy: Ahmad Barmak (20100808),
14. Counternarcotics — Zarar Ahmad Moqbel
15. Refugees and Repatriation - Jamahir Anwari confirmed 20100628,
16. Commerce — Anwarul Haq Ahadi confirmed 20100628,
Deputy: Gholam Mohammad Yeilaqi (20110205)
Deputy: Mohammad Sharif Sharifi (20101225)
17. Public Works — Abdul Qadus Hamidi confirmed 20100628,
18. Border and Tribal Affairs —Assadullah Khalid confirmed 20100628,
Deputy: Eng Abdul Rahim 

Still to be nominated/named:
19. Urban Development - to be named
Deputy: Mohamad Hussain Hisary
20. Womens Affairs - to be named
21. Higher Education - to be named
Deputy: Sarwar Danish
Deputy: Prof. Muhammad Osman Babury (20100809),
Deputy (Administration): Prof. Muhammad Sabir Khishi (20100927),
22. Transportation and Aviation - to be named
Acting Minister: Daud Ali Najafi (20101009)
Deputy: Dr Mohammad Allah Batash
Deputy Technical and Operation: Eng. Raz Muhammad Elmi Alami (20100824)
23. Public Health — to be named
Deputy: Suraya Dalil
24. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Telecommunications — to be named Deputy: Baryalai Hosam, Technical Deputy
25. Water and Energy - to be named
Acting Minister: Ismael Khan

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