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Cabinet List No.2 20100109

Name Cabinet List No.2 20100109
Ethnic backgr. Other
Date of birth
Function/Grade 7 Ministers confirmed 10 rejected
History and Biodata

Wolesi Jirga confirmed in 20100116 session from the second Cabinet list 7 Ministers designate and rejected 10.

Together with the 7 already confirmed Ministers of the first Cabinet list it is actually now 14 confirmed Ministers. No name has yet been submitted to head the Ministry of Energy and Water. In the Plenary session 224 MPs were present that according this number the nominees needed to receive 113 votes of confidence.

1. Foreign Affairs — Zalmai Rasoul 2. Justice — Habibullah Ghaleb 3. Economy — Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal 4. Hajj and Mosque/Religious Affairs — Mohammad Yasouf Neyazi 5. Work and Social Affairs/Martyred and Disabled — Amina Afzali 6. Development and Rural Affairs — Jarullah Mansouri 7. Counternarcotics — Zarar Ahmad Moqbel

REJECTED 1. Public Health — Suraiya Dalil 2. Women's Affairs — Pelwasha Hassan 3. Higher Education — Mohammad Hashim Esmatullahi 4. Refugees and Repatriation — Abdul Rahim 5. Transportation and Civil Aviation — Abdul Rahim Horas 6. Commerce — Zahir Waheed 7. Public Welfare — Mohammad Bashir Lali 8. Border and Tribal Affairs — Arsaleh Jamal 9. Urban Development — Sultan Hussain Nasery 10. Telecommunications — Abdul Qadus Hamidi

Defense — Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak 2. Interior — Hanif Atmar 3. Finance — Omar Zakhilwal 4. Information and Cultural Affairs — Sayed Makhdum Rahin 5. Mines — Wahidullah Shahrani 6. Agriculture — Muhammad Asif Rahimi 7. Education — Ghulam Farooq Wardak Number of votes of confidence: Zalmai Rasoul, the foreign Affairs Ministry’s nominee minister has received 132 votes of confidence, Habibullah Ghalib has received 115 votes of confidence elected as a Justice Ministry, Yousif Neyazai has received 132 votes of confidence, is elected as a pilgrimage Minister, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, the Economy Minister has received 121 votes of confidence, Jarullah Mansor the Rural Rehabilitation Minister has received 113 votes of confidence, and Zarar Ahmad Muqbil the nominee minister for fight against narcotics has received 162 votes of confidence.

The Gov nominee ministers who couldn’t receive the votes of confidence were: Mohammad Hasheem Esmat Elahi the nominee minister for Higher Education ministry, received 100 votes of confidence, Palwasha Ahsan, the Women Affairs minister, received 56 votes of confidence, Suraya Dalil, the Public Health minister, received 86 votes of confidence, Mohammad Zaher Waheed the Commerce minister, received 69 votes of confidence, Abdul Raheem, the minister for Transportation ministry has received 87 votes of confidence, Basheer Lali, Public Health nominees minister, has received 78 votes of confidence, Abdul Raheem the nominee for refugees ministry has received 82 votes of confidence, Arsala Jamal the nominee for borders ministry received 94 votes of confidence, Sultan Husain Hesari the nominee for City Development Ministry has received 86 votes of confidence, Abdul Qudos Hamidi a nominee for Telecommunication ministry who received 105 votes of confidence.

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