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Burka District Baghlan Province Borka

Name Burka District Baghlan Province Borka
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

District chief of Burka Borka:
Sakhi Muhammad Sangin Sangi Haji Sangi Dil  (20090428, 20110321)
Syed Mahmood Sadat (20120408)
Mohammad Rajab (20130114)
Abdul Jabar Islami Abdul Jabbar Islami, Abdul  (20130712, 20151212) shot dead following an ambush attack (20151212)

District Police Chief Burka District Baghlan Province Borka:
Lt. Col. Abdul Haq , was shot to death by gunmen who entered his home on 20100821.
Habib Rahman Habinul Rahman (20120613) was killed when a bomb exploded next to his vehicle while on patrol,(20130701)
Colonel Mohammad Ali (20171031)
Lotful-ul-Haq killed in clash with Taliban (20210605)

District under Taliban Control (20100420) Taliban launched multi-pronged offensive on Burka district and entered the district headquarters last night.(20210504)

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Established 2010-04-20