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Election Commissions Selection Committee 2016 Nov.

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The Selection Committee has to submit a list of 36 nominees to the Presidential Palace, from which the president will select members of IEC and IECC.

The panel has so far evaluated applications of 722 individuals applying for the post of commissioners on the two electoral bodies, rejecting 222 nominees, said Yousuf Rashid, a member and spokesman of the committee. They had completed identification process for the nominees.

In the first phase, 722 people applied for the posts including 531 for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and 191 for the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC).

222 applicants --- 182 applying for IEC and 40 for IECC --- were identified as unqualified in the first phase of the selection process.


The selection committee in the second phase of its operation started technical review of documents of qualified nominees.

The number of unqualified applicants probably rose because most of them came from irrelevant fields.

In the second phase qualified nominees were selected and shortlisted,  63 of them for IEC and 45 for IECC.

The shortlisted nominees would be interviewed several times and 21 of them would be selected for IEC and 15 others for IECC before being referred to the president.(20161016)



The SCEC has shortlisted a list of 36 candidates who are hopeful to win membership at the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC). 21 candidates have been proposed for the IEC and 15 more for the IECC.

Out of this long nominee list, the President would select 7 members for the IEC and 5 for the IECC. The list has representation from various provinces across the country.

Abdul Rahim Borna Salihi from Panjshir, Gholam Haidar from Bamyan, Bashir Bahram from Nangarhar, Sadiq Baqiri from Urozgan, Gholam Dastger Hidayat from Maidan Wardak, Aziz Aryaee from Badakhshan, Suriya Paikan from Jawzjan, Said Murad Rahi from Takhar, Humira Haqmal from Kabul, Basir Faiz from Badakhshan, Ziya Khalali from Takhar, Hazratullah from Takhar, Reza Rohani from Ghazni, Ajmal Hodman from Maidan Wardak, and Shafiqa Mabeer from Nangarhar have been nominated for the IEC.

On the other hand, Amanullah Habibi from Jawzjan, Aziz Samim from Ghor, Ashraf Rasuli from Parwan, Shahla Farid from Faryab, Basir Umat from Takhar, Aman Fasihi from Maidan Wardak, Abdullah Ahmadi from Bamyan, Farid Afghanzai from Kabul, Rafi Bedar from Nangarhar, Qadir Quraishi from Balkh, Hamid Mujadady from Logar, Muaz Dowlati from Ghor, Zakiya Adilli from Maidan Wardak, Najib Ahmadzai from Paktya, Maliha Hassan from Kabul, Gulla Jan Saiyad from Kabul, Wasima Badghisi from Badghis, Noor Ali Khan from Nangarhar, Bibi Maryam from Paktya, Amin Fazli from Logar and Jawid Habibi from Maidan Wardak are chosen for the IECC.

Jawid Rashidi, the head for the SCEC noted that they did their best to enlist the competent and neutral candidates.(20161110)

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