Afghan Biographies

Ahmadzai, Wali Mohammad Lt Gen

Name Ahmadzai, Wali Mohammad Lt Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Afghan Army Chief of Staff
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Lt Gen Wali Ahmadzai:
Commander 215th Corps ANA Helmand Maiwand (20161001, 20171108, 20180427, 20191215)
Commander 209 Corps ANA Balkh Shaheen (20190801, 20200100 sacked)
Chief of Army Staff , sacked (20210811)

3. Biodata:
Lt Gen Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai Lt Gen Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, stocky and with a thick mustache, is considered a rising star in the Afghan military. His predecessor, Major General M. Moein Faqir, was arrested earlier this year (2017) on corruption charges, including making his troops pay for their food. Ahmadzai took command of the 215th Corps at the beginning of October 2016, confirmed that his forces had sustained "a lot" of casualties in recent fighting, but could not provide an exact number.(20161013) Ahmadzai has a Commando background and leads from the front. He proved himself fighting the Taliban in northeast of Afghanistan.(20171108) Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai  has replaced about 50 senior officers in 215th Corps.(20170716) Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai is an effective leader but said he faces problems that include heavy combat casualties, desertions and fuel shortages.(20180417)

An operation of Nizamuddin Qaisari’s arrest was not authorized by the officials in Kabul. The fact-finding committee of the Afghan Parliament on Qaisari’s case underlined that Khushal Sadat, former security deputy for MOI and the former commander of 209 Shaheen Corps, Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, led the assignment to take Qaisari into custody, adding that they didn’t have a warrant by the court, however, the Balkh police chief said that they had been ordered by the central government.
A fact-finding committee said that Qaisari’s arrest was conducted without a warrant by the Attorney General or the Supreme Court and/or any orders from the Ministry of Defense or Interior Affairs.(20200124)


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