Afghan Biographies

Karim, Abdul

Name Karim, Abdul
Ethnic backgr. Baloch
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghanistan Baluch Council Head
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Abdul Karim, head of Afghanistan's Baluchs Council said nearly four million Baluchs are living in the country and Afghan government should address their problems.(20160930)

Mrs. Naila Qadiri is the director of Baluch Women's Organization (20160930)
Nimroz still remains the center of the Afghan Baloch, but this is a community scattered all over Afghanistan. Among this diaspora are some senior figures. Naim Baloch, for instance, was governor of neighboring Helmand province. Another Baloch, Abdul Karim Brahui, was governor of Nimroz province until he became the President Karzai’s Advisor for the Afghan Nations. Brahui is also the head of the Afghanistan Baloch Solidarity Council, a commission working for the rights of this community in Afghanistan.

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