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Akhundzada, Mohibullah Ayub

Name Akhundzada, Mohibullah Ayub
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Police Commander Zabul
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Zabul Zabol:
Abdul Saboor Allahyar (200506),
Gen. Mohammad Yaqub Yaqoub Khan (20070630),
Brig. Gen. Noor Muhammad Paktin (200806),
Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahman Sarjang (20091214 - 20100400),
Brig. Gen. Asadullah Sherzad (20100408 - 20101100)
Col Abdul Malik Wahidi Waheedi (20110301)
Brig. Gen.Mohammad Nabi Elham Ilham ( 20110611-20110808)
Brig Gen Fazal Ahmad Sherzad (20110809-20121210 )
Brig. Gen. Rogh Lewanay Ghulam Sakhi Roghlewani Colonel Ghulam Jelani Farahi police chief of Zabul (20130409, 20131009)
acting Provincial Police Commander Zabul Ghulam Jilani Farahi (20150213)
Gen Mirwais Noorzai Khan (20150422, 20160724, 20170420)
Maj Gen Mustafa Mayar (20180815)
Col Mirajuddin Sadat Syeed Merajuddin Sadat (20190315)
Col. Najibullah Sartir (20191008)
Col. Hekmatullah Kochai  (2020916)
Gen Wais Samimi (20210604)
Mohibullah Ayub Akhundzada (20211205)

Deputy Police Chief Zabul Province:
Col. Ghulam Jailani Jelani Farahi (20091028, 20121222), Acting Provincial Police Chief (since 20101113) injured along with his bodyguard in a roadside explosion in southern Zabul province. The incident took place in the Kakrano Chino area of the province. (20110629)
Col. Ghulam Gilani Ghulam Gailani Farahi Ghulam Jilani Farahi Ghullam Jelani Farahi (20120917, 20130610, 20140318, 20160919)

Commander of the Zabul Highway Police:
Gen. Najib Malakhail

2. Previous Functions Maj Gen Wais Samimi:
Administrative Manager/Helmand 707 Zone, Ministry of Interior (20120201)
Deputy Provincial Police Commander Helmand Deputy security chief for Helmand (20140111, 20140522)
Provincial Police Commander Uruzgan (20160630, 20161002 sacked)
Provincial Police Commander Maidan Wardak (20180723)
Provincial Police Commander Baghlan (20201124, 20210126)

Provincial Police Commander Zabul (20210604)
3. Biodata:

The provincial police chief of southern Uruzgan province Mohammad Wais Samimi and provincial security chief Abdul Qawi were dismissed from his post after a steep rise in violence in the province. Abdul Qawi has been summoned to Kabul and Syed Saqib has been appointed to replace Abdul Qawi as the new police chief of the province. Abdul Qawi served as provincial police chief of Uruzgan for a period of 6 months and insists he had major achievements during the period.

But the local officials as well as the provincial council officials have said the security situation of the province deteriorated due to mismanagement of Abdul Qawi.(20160924)


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