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Ghazni High Peace Council:
The acting peace committee head for Ghazni province (20160401) Khaliliullah Hotak  (former secretary of the High Peace Council Ghazni 20150616) claimed escaping unhurt in an overnight bomb attack on his office. (20160719). Hotak is the Head and a member of the Nejat ("Salvation") Tribal Council of Ghazni.(20130501)

A 21-member peace council, including government officials and tribal elders, was set up in the southern province of Ghazni on Sunday. Participants of a meeting, attended by local authorities and elders, decided on constituting the body to promote peace and stability in the province. Governor Musa Khan Akbarzada, who heads the council, said the peace initiative would be extended shortly to all Ghazni districts. From now on, according to Akbarzada, council members will hold formal peace parleys with insurgents. The members will be divided into different committees.(20101128)

More Background:
Many people in Ghazni accuse Khalilullah Hotak of illegally seizing about 2,000 of jeribs of the government land and building on it Sultan Mahmmud-e Ghaznawi residential township. “He has been trying to grab hundreds of jeribs of public land through some forged and fraudulent documents and bribing some of the high-ranking government officials in both Ghazni and Kabul,” said Ahmad Gul a resident of Ghazni: “But the owners of the land have resisted for the past 12 years and they will continue defending their land at any cost.”(20141228)

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