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Aria TV
Street Number 5, Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul-Afghanistan
Kabul 25000

+93 (785) 20 87 88

 +93 (791) 666 555

Aria TV Background:
In 2011, Aria TV was launched as an exclusive channel for children and teenagers, to teach them about their civic rights and provide “Education through Entertainment.”  The target audience is preschoolers, school students, and out of school children, with the goal of developing their curiosity and creativity through animations, soap operas, feature movies, documentaries and TV spots. ARIA TV focuses on democracy promotion, sending the message that young people are Afghanistan’s hope for the future. 

According to the official statistics of the UN and the Government of Afghanistan, 75% of the population is under age of 25, 57% under 18.

A creative team, supported by Afghan educators, creates ARIA TV programming. The creative team has experience developing effective, inspiring and heart-touching messages and programs, yet also knows the cultural sensitivities of the country’s different regions. Some members of the team previously worked with international organizations in developing and delivering messages related to the education, governance, constitution, health and women’s rights.

The collaborating Afghan educators have many years of experience in teaching and curriculum development. Working with different organizations, they previously supported the Ministry of Education in creating quality education, bringing about curriculum reforms and writing textbooks. Many have taught at the primary, secondary, high school and university level for many years.

More than 30 % of ARIA TV programs are produced in-house. One of the most popular - Angak, Bangak and Clola Sangak (ABC) - is based on popular Afghan folklore and uses an infotainment approach, including musical numbers, to teach children about historical places, events, recreational ideas, humanitarian issues, peace, hygiene, education and gender equity. It recently received the Special Prize at the Japan Prize 2012 as an excellent television program with the potential to sustainably contribute to the development of education and peace in the country and the region.



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