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Alimi, Mariam Mrs.

Name Alimi, Mariam Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1980
Function/Grade Freelance Photographer
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Mrs Mariam Alimi was born 1980 in Afghanistan. She has been active as a photographer across Afghanistan since 2007.

She joined photography training December 2006 at the AINA photo agency led by the Australian photographer Travis Bread and she has been working under the supervision of the world-renowned photographer Tim Page at the UNAMA. In March 2008 she went for a one-month training to Munish Kanna Academy in New Delhi India. Alimi is working for national and international organisations in Afghanistan. She has worked across Afghanistan since 2007, focusing heavily on women’s rights. Her work has been published in the New York Times and a range of European magazines. Other clients include the DACAAR ,United Nations, Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, Democracy International, the German Embassy, GIZ and the Danish Demining Group. She is also an experienced fixer and translator, having worked alongside international visitors since 2008, and she is available for short-term and contract work. Previous clients include The Times, National Geographic and the Washington Post. She has recently branched out into videography, and has worked on documentary projects about infant mortality for the American Broadcasting Corporation, and women in prison for Development Pictures.

She speaks Dari and English.

Mrs. Mariam Alimi was born Jan 15, 1982 in Kabul. She did her High School and Diploma Business Administration in the U.S., working in different positions with NGOs since 2004.

Her father, a sound engineer whose career and dreams in the film industry were shattered by the war, decided that he and all members of his family had to escape their beloved country if they really wished their children to grow up free from fear.

She was two years when they escaped, therefore, to Pakistan en route to the U.S.  After a year in Pakistan, the family was granted asylum and was sent to the U.S. to lead a new life. Following years of struggle, her family managed to buy a pizza restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has been running it ever since. She was a school teacher in biology, but later made a switch to international relations. She took a Masters degree in that subject at Syracuse University, New York, and completed it in 2005 with a thesis titled Al-Qaeda, from bin Laden to Zarqawi: A Study of a Terror Network.


She speaks Dari and English.

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