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Afghanistan Industrialists Association (AIA)

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Afghanistan Industries Association Director:
Ratib Popal
Sakhi Ahmad Paiman (20140218)
Abdul Jabar Safi, Shohrat plastic factory  (20200817)

Afghanistan Industrialists Association (AIA)’s deputy head:
Abdul Rahim Faizan (20160530)
Maroof Gul Zadran


AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association) founded in year 2002 at Industrial Park of Pul e charkhi, Kabul – Afghanistan. Gradually all the factories of industrial park, other locations of Kabul and provinces like Herat, Nangarhar, Mazar e Sharif and Kandahar included in the membership of AIA, the main purpose of membership in AIA is to defend the legal rights of industrials to support the industry sector of the country.

For the first time after establishment of AIA and receiving the No.1 license from ministry of justice, Islamic republic of Afghanistan, in its first general assembly meeting  Ahmad Ratib Popal elected as the president of AIA & Abdul Jabar Safi and  elected as the vice presidents of AIA.

While it’s mentionable that before year 2002, AIA was also active in industrial park but not in a manner as it is today, because on that period there was present the small number of factories which has the membership of AIA.

AIA (Afghanistan Industrial Association) after year 2002  play key role in civil activities and rights of the artisan and  industrials while defend the legal rights of industrials in all over the country, that’s why all provinces receive the membership of AIA.



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