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Ziruk District Paktika Province

Name Ziruk District Paktika Province
Ethnic backgr.
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Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
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Ziruk Zerok Zeruk District Chief:
Juma Khan (20160602)

Ziruk District is a district of Paktika Province that once was a part of Paktia, Afghanistan. Zeruk is a remote district of Paktika province bordered to the East by Spera District of Khost province, to the South-West by Nika District, to the West by Urgon District and to the North by Waziristan. The district has a population of roughly 43,190. The people speak Pashto but with a Zadran accent. The Ziruk district is located 180-kilometers to the southeast of the provincial capital Sharana. Zadran is the main tribe resides in Ziruk. The economy of many in Ziruk depends on pine nuts and timber for construction and fire purposes.
Zirkuk is seen as a key district for militants and serves as a gateway from Pakistan into Afghanistan to transport fighters and weapons.  Afghan forces backed by Nato air power have repelled an assault by more than 300 militants including foreign fighters on an army base close to the Pakistani border. (20140430)

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