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1. Former Chancellors Kabul University:
Mohammed Akhbar Popal 2002-2004),
Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (2005 - 2008 ),
Prof. Dr. Rahman Ashraf (2008),
Prof. Hamidullah Amin Ameen (2008-2012),
Prof. Dr. Habibullah Habib (200120902- )

Vicechancellor for Academic Affairs:
Prof. Mohammad Salim Rahimi (20121126)

Vicechancellor for Administrative Affairs:
Mohammad Hadi Hedayati (20120500, 20140607)

Vicechancellor for Student Affairs:
Dr. Abdul Rauf Guhari (20120000-)

Other Departments Kabul University:
Kabul University has 260 Professors (20111006)

Law and Political Affairs Department of Kabul University:
Nasrullah Stanikzai, head of the law and political affairs department at Kabul University (20091028),
Mohammad Haroon Mustasem is Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Kabul University andLecturer in Law at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) (20090120),
Professor Shehla Farid (20091028),
Humaira Haqmal , Mrs. (20091028),
Gul Rahman Qazi (200911028),

Dean of Kabul University’s medical school:
Shirin Agha Zareef Zarif (20101006)
Emal Habib,·Chairman of the microbiology department at Kabul University’s medical school (20111005) Dr Emal Habib Ullah Shinwari? Emal Habib Asadullah from Jalalabad, Nangahar Province?

Prof Dr Habibullah Habib
Phone :  0752091071


Kabul University, one of the renowned universities in Afghanistan, is officially launching its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program on Wednesday with financial collaboration from the USAID’s Support and Workforce Development Program.

The MBA degree is implemented by the USAID’s University Support and Workforce Development Program and Kabul University Faculty of Economics, with the technical assistance from the Ball State University, an accredited, state-assisted university Muncie, Indiana in the USA.

The MBA program is designed to target the essential managerial, strategic and analytical needs of public and private sector entities in Afghanistan.

The program’s primary objective is to prepare students to acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to maximize their effectiveness as managers and leaders in a globally competitive business environment and society.

The new MBA program will provide a rigorous and demanding academic experience in graduate management education, and will involve two years of evening study.(20160517)

  • More Background:
  • The Faculty of Law and Political Science has two departments: Law and Management (Political Science).
  • The Faculty of Computer Science has three departments: department of Information Technology,department of Information System and department of Programming Language .
  • The Faculty of Economic has four departments - Statistics, Finance, Business Administration and Economics.
  • The Faculty of Science has four departments: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
  • The Faculty of Engineering has four departments: Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. An estimated 600 students are taking classes there.
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy has five departments: Pharmacology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Biochemistry and Food Analysis. It has seven laboratories. An estimated 400 students are taking classes there.
  • The Faculty of Agriculture has six departments: Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Science, Forestry and Natural Resources, Horticulture, and Plant Protection.
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Science has five departments: Para clinic, Preclinical, Clinic, Animal Husbandry, and Food Hygiene.
  • The Faculty of Journalism has two departments: Radio and Television and Printing Press.
  • The Allama Iqbal Faculty of Arts built at a cost of around $10 million by neighboring country Pakistan, was established in 2010. The building contains 28 classrooms, two seminar-halls, a library, two computer labs, 20 faculty offices. It covers an area of 143,379 square feet (13,320.3 m2). Afghan and Pakistani officials inaugurated the building in July 2010.
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