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Afghanistan Green Trend (AGT) Political Group Basej-e Milli (National Movement) also: Rawand-e Sabz-e Afghanistan:
Leader: Amrullah Saleh (2010)
Co-leader of the Green Trend party:

Razaq Ahmadzai (20191223)

Basej-e Milli started as a grassroots movement when Saleh visited cities and small towns in several Afghan provinces talking about his political beliefs in favour of democracy and reform but strongly opposing the Taliban. The movement has been established by former NDS director Amrullah Salih, together with former Minister of Interior Hanif Atmar, one of the two most prominent high-ranking government officials marginalised by President Karzai as – what many people believe – concessions to Pakistan that were meant to further a political deal with the insurgents, an approach at least Saleh has since vehemently opposed publicly. This, in turn, has earned him the ire of Ustad Rabbani.
On 5 May 2011, supporters organized a ‘Gathering for Justice’ in Kabul in a large tent erected at Kabul’s airport road where more and less 10,000 people were present. Prominent politicians present were: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the leader of the Hope and Change coalition, entered the tent and Saleh, the host, tied a green ribbon around his neck, a symbol of the Green Trend which was worn by majority of the organisers including Saleh himself. Apart from Abdullah, at least five MPs also attended this meeting: Dr. Sayed Ali Kazemi from Kabul, the brother and successor of the late Mustafa Kazemi as leader of Hezb-e Iqtedar-e Melli (National Power Party), Fahima Sadat from Jowzjan, Fawzia Naseryar Guldarayi from Kabul, Dr. Ibrahim Malikzada from Ghor (a former anti-Taleban commander) and Mohammad Sarwar Osmani from Farah. Also officials from the pro-democracy Labour and Development Party (Hezb-e Kar wa Tause’a) were prominently participating with three speakers, but not the party’s leader. The head of its political committee Sulaiman Ali Dostzada said that ‘our party leadership had meetings with Saleh since five months and figured out that it has the same goals as Saleh, so it decided to join the Green Trend, and to contribute to the gathering.’

More Background:

Rawand-e Sabz-e Afghanistan (Green Trend of Afghanistan) is a somewhat older opposition group. It was established by Amrullah Saleh after his resignation as NDS director in 2010 and had its first public appearance on 5 May 2011. In this documentary, Saleh lists fighting “armed extremism,” providing opportunity for the youth to emerge as a new cadre, and advocating on different national issues as the movement’s main goals.

Saleh, a Jamiati, supported Dr Abdullah in the 2014 presidential election. He has held no permanent official government position since his resignation in 2010, but he co-headed the fact-finding commission investigating the 2015 fall of Kunduz and was recently appointed to an ad hoc committee to work on the introduction of electronic ID cards. These two positions suggest that he has maintained close connections at least with Abdullah’s faction of the NUG.

Saleh, like acting Balkh governor and fellow Jamiati Atta Muhammad Nur, was very vocal in his support for fellow Jamiati Abdullah during the recent NUG rift. On 16 August 2016, Saleh said, “We [the chief executive and his backers] do not have any plan to become opposition. We consider ourselves the owner of the system [NUG] in Afghanistan; our demand is that in the history of Afghanistan we should prove that we stick to our signature [on the political agreement] and our word.”  So, while Saleh and his Green Trend are critical of the NUG’s performance, he seems to consider himself a backer of Abdullah’s camp, rather than an opposition to the government.(20161025)


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